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Chain Spinning Ring - Sterling Silver

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Relieve Anxiety In Style

 Soothe Rings are designed to relieve anxiety & stress! Hand-crafted with stainless steel and tested for quality.

Instead of picking, scratching, or biting your nails, Soothe Rings help you relieve anxiety in a healthier way! End those bad habits, with the satisfyingly smooth spin of the Soothe Ring.

Made With Stainless Steel

Soothe Rings do not tarnish, because they are hand crafted with stainless steel and tested for quality.

Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Relieve your anxiety without having to bite your nails or pick at your fingers. Simply relax to the satisfying spin of the Soothe Ring.

Simple Sizing

No reason to worry about your ring size, just simply measure the circumference of your finger and compare it to our easy to follow sizing chart!

 How Does It Relieve Anxiety?

Endless studies have shown that fidgeting is a great way to temporarily relieve stress and/or anxiety. But most fidgeting habits are unhealthy, such as biting your nails, picking at certain things, etc. Our goal is to bring our customers a healthier fidgeting alternative, while also doubling as a cute ring!