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To My Daughter - Moon & Star Fidget Ring

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 The Cutest Way To Remind Her To Keep Going ❤️


This Moon & Star Fidget Ring is designed to relieve anxiety and stress! Whenever she is feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or just down, she can look at this ring to remind herself that she is stronger than she knows, and she will prevail. 

Instead of picking, scratching, or biting your nails, Soothe Rings help you relieve anxiety in a healthier way! End those bad habits, with the satisfyingly smooth spin of the Soothe Ring.

A Spinner Ring, which is also referred to as a Meditation or Anxiety ring also helps you focus! Whether you deal with ADHD or just have to fidget in order to focus, Soothe Rings provide a subtle and cute way to improve focus.

Built To Last

The Double Wave Ring is crafted using the highest quality materials, ensuring a long life-span, even with daily wear and tear.

A Self-Reminder

Remind her every day that she is strong, and she will make it through whatever battles she may be currently facing.

Adjustable Sizing

No reason to worry about your ring size, each ring is fully adjustable to fit all size fingers!

 The Perfect Gift

Gift this ring to that your amazing daughter as a reminder of how much she means to you. 
This ring is perfect for anyone that may be going through a hard time, and needs some encouragement to keep going.